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New Treatments for Psoriasis - Katherine Fiala, MD
Updates on Vaping - Carl Boethel. MD
Updates on Treatment of Acne and Rosacea - Katherine Fiala, MD
Sleep Apnea - CPAPs, BiPaps, Inspire - Carl Boethel, MD
Updates in Advanced Heart Failure Jaime Hernandez-Montfort, MD
Pearls for Diagnosing and Managing Inflammatory Bowel disease - Charlene Hauser, DO
Amyloid Heart Disease - More Common than you think Jaime Hernandez-Montfort, MD
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Diagnosis and Management of Lipid Disorders - Catherine McNeal, MD
“When Your Patient Won’t Take Statins But Are High Risk” - Catherine McNeal, MD
HIV PrEP - Alan Howell, MD
Peri-menopause Management - Kelsey Kelso, MD
How to Manage Talkative or Angry Patients - Martha Howell
Updates in Birth Control for Primary Care - Kelsey Kelso, MD
ABIM Updates in Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine - Austin Metting
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Chronic Cough - Randall Holdgraff, MD
“Sensorineural Hearing Loss, A Case Presentation - Thomas Brammeier, MD
Stridor or Hoarse Evaluation - Randall Holdgraff, MD
Evaluating Dizziness - Thomas Brammeier, MD
Treatment Resistant Depression - Paul Hicks, MD
C. Diff - Update on treatment and pitfalls to avoid. Post C. Diff patient - Charlene Hauser, DO
Treatment of Bipolar Disorder - William Rumbaugh, MD