We understand that there has been some disruption to the SMS text service/system your RSS session participants use to record their attendance.  We are monitoring this situation and working closely with the EthosCE/Learning Management System vendor to provide a solution. There is currently no definitive timeline for a full resolution.

Please see issues and potential impact with temporary options below. (PDF icon DOWNLOAD PDF REFERENCE HERE)

 Issue 1:

Some participants are not receiving reply to outbound texts SMS code for verification of attendance.


Attendance is being recorded for those with active/valid CME EthosCE accounts, but the user/learner may not receive the reply to texting the code for attendance confirmation.

 Temporary option:

If a learner is concerned about not receiving the reply text, they can can visit: 

Here they can manually enter the provided SMS code for the session attending.

Verification of attendance can be confirmed by visiting their Pending Activities for lectures or Transcript/Complete for case-based sessions.

Lectures are sessions such as grand rounds, noon lectures, etc that require you to evaluate and claim credit after texting in.
Cases are case reviewed activities such as tumor boards, M&M etc where your credit is awarded upon text in and are evaluated semiannually.

Issue 2:

New users (no existing BSWH EthosCE profile) are not receiving reply text to create an account to record attendance.

 Temporary Option:

Please continue to refer to our CME homepage for announcement and update information. We will update here as more updates become available to us.