Original Release Date: 06/16/2021
Review Date: 06/01/2022
Expires: 06/31/2024
Credit claim for this activity will end at 11:59 PM 06.31.2024

In contrast to how clinicians use documentation within the medical recorded, payers’ and governmental agencies’ use documentation within the medical record to ensure resources were utilized appropriately and to evaluate the quality of care provided.  This perspective and system to evaluate care through documentation are not taught in medical school and too often are not taught in residency

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This CME activity type is an enduring material.  Physicians who complete the enduring material may claim the full amount of credit designated for the activity, regardless of the amount of time it took the physicians to complete the activity.

Target Audience

Physicians, Fellows, Residents,  Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists across the system.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this activity, the learner should be able to:

  • Assess why laboratory(lab) abnormality clarification clinical documentation improvement(CDI) queries are sent
  • Describe what are the most commonly queried acid-base and electrolyte abnormalities
  • Review some basic clinical facts about these conditions*
  • Explain more about the need and impact of accurate coding of these conditions