Steps to progress through each session

  • Click BEGIN or Register
  • You can start listening to the podcast or begin the activities from the front page or click starts to navigate through the session
  • Then follow all prompts on the screen.
    • Clicking ‘Next Page’ to continue
  • After completing all required questions, click submit
  • Click Next to move onto claim attendance
    • Attendance code will be provided the week after you return


  • Clicked resume, but can’t get back to the instructions and links?
    • Under “Course Progress” click the (+) sign next to “session 1 instructions and links






  • Once it expands, click ‘Review’
  • This will let you return to the start of the form
  • Make sure to click “Next page” to go through all the pages again.

Once you receive the attendance code

  • You’ll enter the code received in the specific session to advance to the evaluation
  • Complete the evaluation to complete that session

Reminder: You will have 1 week from Monday, October 23rd to claim credit.


Session Links:

Session 1: “Forest Bathing”

Session 2: Self-assessment and pretest

Session 3: Enneagram personality profile

Session 4: Gratitude, Appreciation, and Joy

Session 5: Bringing it all together “Out of the Canyon back into the hospital?”