Action required: authentication for accessing this site is changing to CyberArk on Oct. 27 at 6 p.m. 

Create your CyberArk® account by registering at on a computer. If you had a mobile number in SecureAuth it has been transferred to CyberArk, and you will be taken to the CyberArk® landing page. This guide explains the process.

It is important you follow the steps in the guide to add the CyberArk® Identity app to your mobile device using customized QR codes. Note: During the process, you will scan the device QR code twice and the OTP QR code once. This will connect you to your BSW CyberArk® Identity app account, which displays the landing page when opened. Generate your 6-digit OTP by going to the menu (displayed as ≡) then choose Passcodes (not Mobile authenticator).



For questions about CyberArk email: 

For IS support contact the Service Center at 214-865- 4357 (HELP) or visit


(Does not impact visitor accounts)