2024 BSWH Internal Medicine Review   |  July 15-19, 2024

When filing expense reports for this conference, please note the following BSWH policies to ensure faster expense report processing:

  • For those with CME budgets, you MUST submit your conference expenses separately to Concur and mark this report as non-CME. If you have other expenses for which you will use CME funds, create a second expense report and mark as CME for submission. You may also use your CME funds for reimbursement of all expenses with this conference. 
  • When submitting your reimbursement to concur, Please use this name exactly for the report name: IMR 2024 – Med Ed Reimb
  • You are permitted for the day before and of your talks for hotel room rate of $300 plus hotel room tax (single/double rate only).
  • You are permitted two dinners (self) on same nights as hotel booking (if not provided by conference) up to the $65 limit; no alcohol. Dinner is provided by the conference Monday, July 15.
  • You are permitted lunch (self) on the same nights as hotel booking (only if not provided for conference) up to the $30 limit; no alcohol.
  • Be sure to include itemized receipts for the hotel and dinner.
  • You are permitted mileage to and from Hilton Garden Inn South Padre Island,  (reminder to deduct your normal commute if you left from your home address).
  • Notify when you submit your report for tracking purposes and faster approval.
  • Cheryl Massar will be added to your workflow approval for this report only.
  • Please submit your report no later than Monday, August 19, 2024.

Remember to ATTACH THE CONFERENCE AGENDA at the REPORT level (not an expense receipt) by clicking “Manage Receipts.”


  • Meals are reimbursed with an itemized receipt showing the food and beverages purchased.
    • If there are multiple diners, separate checks are preferred. Otherwise, please clearly identify the traveler’s own food and beverages and claim only the food/beverage and proportionate tax/tip for the employee.
    • Deduct ineligible purchases prior to applying the policy dollar limits per meal.


  • Personal Car Mileage is reimbursed in Concur for the miles driven in excess of the normal round-trip commute.  
    • Enter mileage as driven in the Waypoints (typically home to 7010 Padre Boulevard, South Padre Island, TX 78597, to home)
    • Check “deduct commute.”
    • Enter home and work locations.
    • Check “deduct round trip.”